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Well I'm an often viewer on flightlevel350 and the rest of it, and you see a lot of videos of takeoff and landing filmed form the passenger cabin.

Now, every flight I go on and I'm told not to use electronics during these procedures of the flight. How do they do it? I'm going on a flight next month and I'd like to film it...infact on some of the videos you even hear the cabin crew saying not to use electronics. Do they just sneek em in use or something? I thought they might be but then there's so many of the videos.

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It is against policy to operate electronic equipment just as they say, but most people sneak it in on take-off / landing since the stewards/stewardesses have to be seated during those times anyway.

From an electrical engineering standpoint however, you really don't need to worry about using a camera on takeoff / landing and having it interfere. The amount of electronic "noise" a piece of equipment that small uses is very minimal compared to how much would be needed to affect anything at all on an aircraft. That being said, I still follow the rules on every flight 😉 .

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