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Help Please (sorrys its a longone)

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Hello! Right im sure u'll all be glad to hear i finally got up there with the help of Rod! so....i can fly pretty basic, the lessons they teach! I do have to say, a few of the lessons didnt go to plan! im off out today to purchase a joystick coz im sick of having to tap the keyboard!!

GreekMan/ anyone that can help a newbie and has time for me - Is there any chance u have MSN?? i need to speak to someone in realtime coz im still not gettin it properly!

They dont teach u how to use: radio (speaking to ATC), what anything ATC say means, how to plan a flight, how to get on the glide slope (they just put u on it). Basically i can taxi, takeoff, fly on a hdg but thats it.
How do i know which HDG's i need, which waypoints, how do i know how to get on the approach? I have given the "approach guide" i read through and it makes sense. What exactly does the APR APP do? does it do and how do i use it properly?

All am trying to do is fly a cessna from Lydd (UK) to Manston (UK), just 2 small airports 15mins apart to try and get my first flighy under my belt and then try further a field!but i really cant work out how to plan a flight so i know where to go to get on the approach/glide slope all correctly so i can land!
U get my point, hopefully,i can fly basic now which is a start and i know this will take time but i have had 3 successful takeoffs and flying around but coming down all lined up is proving impossible!!

Is there anyway i can talk to someone in real time and fly at the sametime. Would someone be my teacher???

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We can help you better when we're all there, so you might as well post here in the forums.

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I'm sure that if you patiently follow the Flying Lessons and also place your questions one by one here you will be helped more than you can imagine. 😉
Start being a virtual pilot needs patience,reading and practicing.
Avoid what most people do ❗ ...They start FS and they want to fly the 747 😕 ...
Needs time and experience until you reach this level(I haven't reach it yet after more than one year of flights)...And probably that's the beauty of FS 😀

We all are here to help. 😉

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