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Can anyone help me finding what the problem is with my kittyhawk 737-700?

Like the takeoff is nice but the landing issent!
When the flaps are fully extracted and the gear is down and I have landing speed the nose just keeps going down! 😞
Even though I press the -down- arrow for the nose to rise it wont react!

The nose just keeps going down.

It looks to stupid to land with the front wheels!😛

I have sent an email to the guys who made the aircraft but I havent gotten any answers yet😞

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cheechm First Officer

Maybe you don't have enough speed to keep the aircraft going. What speed you landing at?

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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

since I'm not home now I cant remember but the thing is also that if I have too much speed the aircraft wont go down! then it just keeps going up. I could use the airbrake but that's not the way a real pilot lands a plane? 😛

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

I think I know what your problem is. That aircraft goes into a dive when too slow (you may be having your joystick all the way back but it'll still go down) or it won't land if too fast, unless you face downwards. If you're using autothrottle for speed control, that's probably where you are wrong because with the Kittyhawk (the 737-800) the autothrottle is weird coz the instrument gives wrong readings and after take-off you have to increase the speed to maintain a particular one. Once whilst I reached cruising, I have 450 knots in my Speed Hold bar, whilst on the actual speed indicator (the one that goes up and down) it showed 320 knots. This might be your problem.

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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

I have a 737-700

I dont have any joystick at all!
I just use the kayboar! Works fine but as soon as I can afford I will buy a really neet and awsome flight controll! I can give you a link tomrrow.
You have like 3 monitors. 1 on the left (think it's 19"), 1 (20/22") monitor in the middle, and 1 19 " I think on the right.

There is an example just 3 monitors not 4. hehe

I think there must be something that needs to be changed with the aircraft! But I'm not sure.
When my speed gets too low and flaps and gear are down all planes go down, BUT when I increase the speed the nose goes up so I can land on the back wheels like planes do. Not to land with the front wheels😛
I did it once and it wassent much fun. lol
The 737-700 has great texture and lighting deatils are nice and the wing views are good too 😀

So I do want to keep the plane.
And I also want to have the opprtunity to land it like any other aircraft.

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