My planes are grounded!!

Elkin Guest


Before I go re-installing, I cannot adjust the payload! I can adjust the fuel, but not the payload. I get a FS9 shutdown with the error: FS9.exe
..cfg.txt, ...cgf\dxdiag.xml and fs9.cfg\scenery.cfg

Can someone help with this?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It looks like too much adding and deleting items to me but search each one of those out and remove them one at a time.
Are you getting those errors one at a time, you can't be getting them all at once.
Each time you remove one try to start up again.
Do not dump them, keep them in a folder in case you have to put them back.
I have the feeling that you will have to reinstall the entire Sim and or Windows itself.


Elkin Guest

Well Sir, I replaced the FS9 cfg and all is good again.

No windows re-install YIKES!!!
I do have an extensive tracking system. EVERYthing I do, I backu-p what ever I am jacking with.
I have folders called: Maint hngr, Work bench, aircraft file, panel file,... etc.

I have the JT-8 smoke download. But there is no smoke!! Any ideas?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

JT-8 smoke

I didn't know they made that for 2004 aircraft, post a link so I can download and see it.


Elkin Guest

It is Nick's AI jet smoke. It is for FS8, FS9. It reads that you can adapt it to not only AI aircraft, but the user plane too. JT-3, or JT-8, I do not remember.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You want this one, be careful that you don't take the old one that's there also.

FS2002 FS2004 Nick's AI Jet Exhaust With Control Gauge


Elkin Guest

I should have placed the,,,, anyway, thanks again RadarMan. The smoke coming from the engines is amazing!!!!! I made a little film of it. I like to watch the takeoff from the side of the runway. It looks so damn real!!!!

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