Where can i get new planes for FSX?

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How can I download and install new planes in FSX? I'm specifically intrested in the Concorde. I tried downloading generally planes from this webpage, but it's just new paintworks. Can anyone help me?

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here's a full concorde from this site, but the comments say it's kinda buggy. Google is your friend here too, just search for "FSX Concorde".

To add it, Copy the aircraft folder to the proper fsx folder, which is usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\simobjects\aircraft. Look through the plane's folder, if there's a folder called gauges, copy everything in it to the gauges folder in the main FSX directory. Then do the same thing for the effects folder.

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Do a search here or on google for FSXCNCRD.zip. I have that one. It's a pain trying to get to fly level, but once you do its fine.

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To add any plane, go into FSX/simobjects/Airplanes.

Copy and paste any plane you want into that section.

For Guages/panels. Read the Readme that comes with the pack to tell you what specific area to put that pane or gage in.

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