Need Instructions on using paint kits

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HI Guys! I don't understand how I use paint kits. Can you give me instructions on how to use them properly. Thanks!

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well what sort of paint kit? psd? you need photoshop/psp and an understanding of layers - take a look on the web, plenty of quality tutorials Wink

if flat bmp you'll need photoshop/psp/good drawing package with a knowledge of layers to really use it (you don't want to paint over it, under it! otherwise where do the lines/details go?

either way you'll need a plug-in for photoshop or a magic program called DXTBmp (take a look on google). this saves the bitmap into the appropriate format (888-8 = top, DXT3 = good, 444-4 = good sometimes, DXT1 = lowest). DXTBmp will also allow you to use apha layers that will usually dictate reflection but sometimes transparency depending on the part in questions. black= mirror/clear, white = matte/solid

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Okay, speaking of help on this subject... I'm having trouble getting said detail out of paint kits from I know how to use layers pretty well what I can't figure out is how to get rid of the white area in the kit without killing the detail. I've used the magic wand and it even takes out large chunks of it(unless I'm just seeing things) any ideas? thanks!

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remove white by applying the 'multiply' layer effect Wink

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Cool! Thanks! 🙂

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