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Ok people, i would like to start by, once again, thanking everyone that has helped me get this far.....

Last night i completed the first part of a European tour that im doing. Its not really planned out to be honest. Just sort of a.."hmm where shud i go now"..sort of thing! Last night was my first take off and landing with no hitches and i landed using APPR!! Im now flying the default King Air and its awesome!

I took off at around 2am from London City and flew down to Ostend Belgium. landed about 3/3:30am. Im not too fussed about the times to be honest it was more the fact that i had finally landed using AP APPR and bought my bird down safely!

I got a bit fed up with crashing and landing on the grass all the time so took a week or so out to give it a rest. Last night, however, i was back with avengence! Perfect flight all round and i thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Where to next......probably somewhere in Switzerland or round that area. I love this game.

Just one i can actually fly properly. im properly ready to make my experience proper. as before, im a complete newbie and no nothing about Pc's that much.

So please, someone who has patients, can you please describe (in an idiot fashion) to me how i get:

1: Proper Liveries on Traffic planes i.e. BA, AA, Britannia, etc etc.
I have looked on AVsim etc but i dont really understand how to get them into my game. the instructions make no sense to me, so i was wondering if someone that has done it before might explain in simple terms, everything i have to download and how i get it into my game.

2😛roper liveries on planes i can fly. same instructions as above.

3:More realistic airports, like little trucks around the plane, working gates, push back trucks, opening plane doors etc.....

I know i have asked this before, but at that time i was still learning how to fly. If u wud be so kind as to explain, and i mean in real simple terms like "click this, do that"....etc once i got it i will leave u poor people alone i promise.

Once again thankyou to everyone thats helped me.

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if you want more realistic airports you wil have to buy or download some additional scenery, Airports of the world for example.

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Okay I will have a shot... 😂

here goes - in idiot terms Wink

(Click the numbers enclosed in parenthesis for example screenshots)

  • download this file:
    It is a repaint of the default Boeing 734 in Aer Lingus livery. We'll use this file as example.

  • Open the file using winrar (hope you have it, if not, I recommend you get it (link).
  • After you open the file you downloaded, this is what you see (1).
  • Doubleclick on the folder called 737al and you see this (2).
  • Now open up windows explorer and browse to the folder of the default boeing 737 inside your aircraft folder.
    The path will be something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\b737_400\ (3)

  • Bring WinRar back to the front, and drag the folder called "texture.EIN" into the Boeing 737 folder, like this (4)
  • Inside the Boeing 737-400 folder, you also saw a file called "aircraft.cfg". Open the file using notepad. (5)
  • Switch back to WinRar, and open the "Readme.txt" file, it should open with notepad.
  • In the "aircraft.cfg" file scroll down until you find a section called [fltsim.4]. It will look like this:
    Code: [fltsim.4]
    title=Boeing 737-400 Paint4
    atc_airline=World Travel
    ui_variation="World Travel Airlines"
    description="One should hardly be surprised that the world's most prolific manufacturer of commercial aircraft is also the producer of the world's most popular jetliner. The 737 became the best-selling commercial jetliner worldwide when orders for it hit 1,831 in June 1987 (surpassing Boeing's own 727 as the previous champ). However, it wasn't always that way\s in the first few years of production, there were so few orders that Boeing considered canceling the program.

  • Below the last line of this section, there is an empty line. Insert two more empty lines there to make some space.
  • Go to the Readme file and copy the section that is highlighted in this screenshot (6)
  • Go back to the "aircraft.cfg" file and paste the text where you just inserted the 2 blank lines. The result has to look like this. (7)
  • Change the line [fltsim.x] to [fltsim.5]

And Presto, you're done.

Fire up FS9, go to aircraft selection menu, select the Boeing 737-400 and you will see you can now select the new livery you just installed.

Good luck!

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Bravo Bravo. Group Wave Group Wave

I think that this reply should be made a sticky for all of those peeps out there that are struggling.

Brilliant reply ARD-DC.


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CaptainKW wrote:

1: Proper Liveries on Traffic planes i.e. BA, AA, Britannia, etc etc.
I have looked on AVsim etc but i dont really understand how to get them into my game. the instructions make no sense to me, so i was wondering if someone that has done it before might explain in simple terms, everything i have to download and how i get it into my game.

Once you are comfortable with ARD-DC's method of installing textures you shouldn't have any problems installing AI aircraft.

With most AI a/c that you find scattered in the file libraries the procedure is the same.
First, you have to get the base model, B-737, A-330... etc.
Next you get the individual textures, BA, AA, FedEx... etc.
Now you can install the textures using ARD-DC's method. NOTE: Just as with flyable a/c you have to make sure that the texture not only fits the model but also that it was made for the model from that particular designer or team. (The Readme file contained in the download should throw more light on this.)

This can become tedious but there is an easier solution. If you're willing to confine yourself to the World of AI packages at the beginning (you can add and mix and match AI a/c from other teams or authors later), populating your larger airports worldwide will be a breeze.

All the information you need to go down that road you can find at the World of AI website:

Some folks get overwhelmed by the fact that they require the World of AI Installer and the .NET Framework 2.0 see here ➡ --
I can assure you though, this is still simpler and faster than downloading the individual models and textures and installing them.

After having installed the World of AI packages you can see plenty of AI aircraft at airports. If you're satisfied with the appearance of your new AI a/c, your next step will be to get them up in the air, but that's a different, separate chapter which requres devotion on its own. 😉
You have to assign the flightplans which have to be downloaded first. Again, you need a tool -- this time it's Lee Swordy's TTools. How to use it is explained by the man himself in the Readme.

Good luck Hack


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Great instructions. Wish I'd had them when I was first installing new aircraft! I'm sure I'll be looking at these again and again. Thanks

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