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On Flight sim X , Dose anyone know if there is an Screenshot Folder ?

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Thanks to the lack of documentation that comes with FSX, I don't have a clue. Crying or Very sad

A complete list of keyboard commands is listed on the kneeboard by pressing shift-F10. Maybe there is something there.

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The good news:

The "V" key does it, and it is also assignable to a button on your joystick or yoke.

The bad news:

In a display of infinite stupidity, the images are saved as .bmp, rather than .jpg.

Apparently, MS doesn't care how much disk space you waste.

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Charlie10 First Officer

I'm looking into how I can assign my designated location for the captured pictures as well as saving them as jpegs (and without violating the FSX license). I may be easier to create a new add-on to acomplish the task.

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