Does anyone know the closest airstrip or airfield to me

meylan Guest

Hi , i've been looking for airfields,airstrips in and around STOKE ON TRENT city in the UK . Google just keeps giving me the international airports close by . If any one knows of any in or close to my home city could you please let me know. thanks

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Have a look at EGOE, EGOS, EGNR and EGWC and see how you get on. I think they are fairly close to Stoke-on-Trent 😉

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Insight Chief Captain

I found this site which catalogues all airfields in the UK - open and closed.

Hope you find something on here.

meylan Guest

Thanks , it seems the closest ones to me that are actually in fs9 are

EGOE Ternhill --23 miles away according to google earth's road direction function.

EGBM Tatenhill--30 miles away according to goole earth's road direction function.

There is a closer one, Seighford but it's not in fs9 .

Thanks to you both. cheers 🙂

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PH First Officer

Ashcroft Airfield

meylan Guest

Thanks, i should of stated i would like it to be in fs9 and i'm afraid it's not but thanks anyway. Although i can't seem to find it on google earth either but thats probably me. 🙂

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Welshflyer Captain

Have you tried the UK2000 series of British airports? Although they are payware they have free demo downloads at their site and they are not all International. They cover a lot of general aviation airfields all over England and Wales and i believe the designer (Gary Simmons i think) has moved to Scotland to make it easier for him to start on the Scottish series!

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