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😞 Hi all
Im open to suggestions to the following problem

When starting my pc the monitor will not come out of standby
To get around this I have to switch off at the mains,wait a little,and try again.3 to 4 time seems the norm

Ok heres what I have

System 2800 AMD (not over clocked)
Mobo Asrock K7S8X
Gainward 5900 Golden Sample@450/780
1 gig DDR2700(333)
WinXP pro
80 gig H/D
DVD player
Sound blaster........Cant remember(but is was fairly cheap at the time)

2 weeks ago upgraded the mem from 2x256 to 1x 1 gig @333 DDR
1 week ago the pc just shut down (while I was flying) Now, it was warm in the room at the time and I put it down to that and no probs after
Everything was sweet,then yesterday I tried switching on and as above

Now what I have tried

Another monitor
another graphics card (AGP)
PCI graphics card
old memory back in
different H/D
Reset mobo bios
and any combination of the above

Brand new 500 watt pcu

Now after fitting the pcu whoosh starts first time and loads all the way no probs
I have to restart the pc to reconfig the settings and ..........yep shuts down and no restart,so its off/on with the mains untill .........well here I am Blink
the only thing I have left is the mobo,and I aint got one lying around to try

Any thoughts from you?

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Thanks Radar my ol mate
Ill give it a go, but I am Fear that I will be switching on/off again

Was thinking of a reinstall of XP when my SP2 disc arrived(thanks for that link too)
I even fired up an old p2 pc to get online and fire some questions around(after I put it back together,where do you think I was getting all those spare parts from?)

If Im not back soon Hack Wall Bashing and this with the pc

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Good luck with it unless it's a hardware problem a reinstall should do it.
Watch the p/s and the system for overheating.
Unusual that it should start just after installing new ram, or should I say suspect, mobo problems...loose, did you check it and hidden dust.
Reseat all the cards, blow out the sockets and reseat the cables, or replace them with the new round ones instead of the old ribbon.



Fear Still got the old ribbons,but with only the AGP card and a sound card there is plenty of room for air flow ie 4 empty pci slots
Fan at bottom front sucking in, fan middle rear blowing out plus the cpu and the agp fans mixing it all up inside,and the psu has two,one at the bottom above the cpu, and one blowing out at the top rear so I dont see any prolems there(there realy is enough room for a small Horse in there)

I changed the psu because I read a very bad report about the Qtec pcu (rated 550 but realy only just 300)plus when it shut down the other week just made me think it was a bit flakey.While the old one was out I did all the cleaning stuff

I fear time may be up for the mobo(thats all thats Censored left)
I will try your earlier suggestion............soon Fear

I fired off a email to Asrock,just incase
This is the strange bit, it runs as sweet as anything once it gets going.

Im off to see if I can find anyone else with this problem Read

Thanks again

Will let you know

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Oops! Tis I

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Did you ever consider the possibility of a worm-virus-Trojan horse. It's similar to the old Mblaster.
Run a virus scan if you can and take a look at Norton's site.

Cover all bases?


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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

Here is some questions:
When you turning on your computer you do not getting the so named “DOS black screen”?
You can try with a system formatted healthy floppy. No viruses
I have several computers home: (After all it was my business for some years ago) One of them doing same times the same thing . I just turning off and on the power on the monitor and then its came alive. Some thing like that can help you? (Just to try eliminate the problem)
You just wrote that you replaced/upgraded your computer: can you pull out all the chips except one and see if things getting ok
As somebody told me once you need minimum signal strength to wake up a monitor.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Hi Rafi
The problem is the pc will not even reach the post screen,so there is no hard drive activity.......No nothing
Heres what happens
Switch pc on at the wall socket,monitor light glows green.I hit the power button on the pc,and the monitor go'es into standby
So no software is loaded,Nothing is loaded
The only thing left is the mobo(have ordered a new one)

This old pc has reminded my how far we have come in pc speed
Still its got me online(but not flying)
So watch this space

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I forgot it was a bank holiday week so the mobo should be here Thursdsay
It could not be a virus because it was not getting into Windows(it was'nt getting anywhere)
If it comes tomorrow (come on Amtrak) I should have time to fit it before work Puke Up takes me away from home for a few days( see you at the NEC this weekend and most of next)
I will take some pics of the surgery when it happens

As I was talking about virus's,if they made flea powder for pcs this old fella would be pure white(think its clean now)

See you soon

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Group Wave The new mobo came (a day late Mad Amtrak) so I finaly got round to fitting it yesterday
Those nice people Liar I work for Puke Up have given me today off,which means Im out from about 11.00 Tues till 02.00 on Thurs(I do get some sleep but not much)
Anyway here she is undergoing surgery and just before lift off

PS I have tried it with 1.5gig DDR ram, but the timing of the 2 x 256 must be different to the 1 gig stick as I get errors,so its just 1 gig foe now 🙄

Now Im flying again 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Glad to see that you are flying again, too bad it had to cost so much.
The ram will even themselves out if they are different brands-speeds.
If your using Adobe Photoshop you have to teach me a simple way of pasting on shot on top of another, or just attaching one below the other.


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I have the exact same problem with my garbage ASROCK!!!

Although I can't shed any light on the problem, it's at least good to hear that the ASROCK gremlins aren't only at my place. It's done this for ages, and it's definitely not any of the issues that have been suggested above...

All I can suggest if anyone else is having the same prob, is an ASROCKectomy, as TTT has resorted to. Evil or Very Mad

Anyone buying a MoBo, would be well advised to steer clear of ASROCK!

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

How much memory you had before and by using !G did you got a satisfactory improvement? I am asking for my self.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 I started off with 2 x 256 sticks of pc2700 /333ddr memory and upgraded to 1Gig pc2700/333ddr
I have had the pc running on 1.5 Gig 333 and it ran fairly well with a BSOD every so often so its just 1 gig now

As for Asrock products,as they are fairly priced and quite high spec mobos(onboard sound Yucky Lan and upto 6 usb2ports and supports up to 3 Gig memory)I have used them a few times and this is the 1st one to fail.And because I refused to belive it was the mobo it was the last thing to be replaced Doh! So basicly I have a new pc Group Wave

As there are only 2 of us with problems its not realy fair to blast them ......unless of course 100s of you tell us different

I have said this not because of any legal worries Read Rules but because I have found them very good products (in the past)

Now then Mr Asrock where is my new pc ROFL

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Believe it, TTT - there are hundreds.... Crying or Very sad

This site

Has all the info on the actual cause of mine. I've since gotten a nice AMD 64 setup, so I just resurrected the AScROCK machine for a spare. If you've got any kind of electronics skills, you might want to give it a go...

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 Rambunctious,
Great site thanks for posting it.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Great site,thanks
Now a 64 Drool is going to be my next project,early part of next year I hope

waky53 Guest

I had the same problem with my old 17 inch monitor.
Sometimes (not every time) the screen would not come (very frustrating if you are trying to get into the bios etc) I then had to switch the monitor off for at least a minute, switch back on & it was OK. I eventually took it to a repairer who changed a electronic doodad or 2 & voila! it was working properly again. However a few months later the same thing started to happen once again. It may be power spikes getting in & blowing something.
I solved my problem by buying a 19 inch & giving the 17 to my wife to replace her 15 inch. 🙂

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😳 My problem was the mobo(I have found out since that its quite common for any mobo to display this type of fault)

I replaced it with the same make and model so I didnt have to reactivate XP as it would have spotted a new mobo as a major upgrade,just pop in,connect everything up and away we go

Have had no problems since

One very happy bunny 😂

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tomthetank wrote:

😳 My problem was the mobo:

Surpriiiize, surpriiiize... From my experience, it's actually not a common mobo fault .

I would say it's more related to the manufacturer of the board, and their propensity to cheap component suppliers... Your choice in the future.


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