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I have had both PSS Airbus and A340 Pro [Not quite that accurate if you ask the guys who fly those planes] for ages now, however there is one little snag I can never quite get around. It's a little section in the MCDU [FMGC if you prefer].

When one opens up the MCDU for the first time, it comes up with the INIT page. There one adds their flight plan [e.g EGLL/KJFK or VHHH/WSSS], flight number, aligns the IRS and enters the cruise altitude. Once that's done, one is required to go to the next page [press the next page button Doh! ] and one will see four orange blocks [Compulsory to fill in the orange blocks], they are the zero fuel weight.So one works out [or in my case, guess the number required] the ZFW and then suddenly below it, white bold writing stating "BLOCK" shows up and is required [I believe it's the block fuel I'm not sure].

Now my question is, how does one go about working out what numbers to punch in below the bold white writing [BLOCK]?

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😀 I've been given a program from the airbus factory in toulouse which teaches one everything there is to know about the MCDU. So don't worry about answering my question anymore. However if there's a problem you have with it yourself, just ask and I'll see what I can find on the CD.

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