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Best headset for flight sim x

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rossi85 Trainee

Could someone please tell me which is the best recomended headest n mic to get for flight sim x .

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Tyler Miller (millertime) Trainee

well, i dont know exactly what the best one is, but I think a good pc speaker and headphone brand is Sennheiser. has two headsets with mic's, I think those would work good for you. Not sure what your budget is, but you can always get some David Clarks and hook them up, you cant hook the mic up, but you can hook up the sound, just go to radioshack and buy the 1/4 - 1/8 inch adapter, thats what i did, Ill be getting a sennheiser headphone and mic when i get my new pc that can run FSX fast enough for multiplayer. Thats just my two cents. Im not really and audiophile so I cant tell you accurately, but I do know that Sennheiser is a good brand.

saint4 Guest

Hey, i've see you in the multiplayer 😀

I have a cheap Embarassed 7.99 headset wasnt my first choice, the ones i wanted were out of stock and so too were the others. Crying or Very sad

My PC is connected to my hi-fi, my DJ mixer was connected to the PC - i am DJ so you know. For awhile i used to use the DJ mic but that cheap headset isnt too bad.

Mic is clear and so is the sound coming in. 😳 especially for a cheap piece of equipment.

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rossi85 Trainee

HHmm am not really sure what to get and my budget isnt a problem however ideally would like some microsoft ones but can`t seem to find any

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snurckle Trainee

I have two sets. Both made by Logitech.

This one I have used more than the second, because it connects to the headset and microphone USB with the first. After a while of playing they can get somewhat uncomfortable on the ears. The mic is great, and can be placed close to the mouth, but cannot be swung out of the way. Mute and volume control inline.,CRID=103,CONTENTID=7511

This one...USB, works great. A little heavier, but the padded headphones make it very comfortable. Noise cancelling microphone, which swings out of the way. I use this one when I play FSX, since I had some issues with my sound card and FSX. This one produces crisp quality sound, both heard by you and sent by you. It is compatible with FSX. (Did I mention it was very comfortable.) Price is about $50.00, but I think I paid 30 bucks for mine in the store. I recommend it for FSX. Since it fits around your ears, it blocks out alot of the unwanted chatter that goes on in the background while playing, so when you want to pay attention to's good.,CRID=103,CONTENTID=10013[/url]

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It's largely a matter of taste (ie: an individuals hearing). Check some out at a computer/gaming store. I've adopted my headset that I use in the real airplanes, but that takes some out-of-the-ordinary techniques.

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