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i'm looking for a gauge for the default 777. i'm looking for one that will work in the VC for the middle 2 screens that appear black.
i was hoping for one that shows engine power and maybe gear and flaps. i.e something like the one in the 747.

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I don't think you can add gauges to the VC. I think that you will have to download and install a new panel.
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there must be a way to add one because people manage to create their own VC's.
I would have thought that if someone created a gauge i would then be able to edit certain files to add the gauge.

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not unless you are willing to learn all about how to decompile and edit .mdl files, because that is where the VC is defined. As far as I know, this takes a serious bit of study. Not sure if there are any modellers among us, but if they are they'll be able to tell you all about it.

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you can edit VC's - depends if you know how and what to do in the panel.cfg and if it possible.

for example milton shupe makes his VC's nice and easy to change due to the bitmap (you lay gauges onto a specific bitmap like a 2d panel) are the same way round as a 2D panel - often they're mirrored in some way and a pig to use.

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