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FSX frame rates fixed beyond belief... really.

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After two weeks of hanging up stuff and multiple crashes I fixed my FSX and it is everything I had dreamed of.... Here is How..

First of all I am not a software person so forgive any oversimplifications.

After totally crashing my system .... trying to figure out how to get my megascenery in place I formatted the whole thing and started over disgusted for another week. retired with to much time.

I loaded Vista (legally) RC-1 off the microsoft network... pre release free.

I gave up trying to have both systems 2004 and X. Actually I was just to F---ing tired to do it all again. Just to see some disaster again.

So I simply loaded up FSX next... and ran it.

The graphic were like the demo... I set my frame rate at 20, then 40 then finally 60.... with the setting under graphics at max... I think they call it texture or whatever... and I set constantly at 40s to the max set of 60!!!!

Really.... If you don't believe me come see for yourself. before I was down in the single digits or ever locked up with a max in the teens.

NOW I have what I had counted the days to get FSX that is beautiful and smooth.... I had read all kinds of stuff and theories on how to make it work and it was setting right at my fingertips. ALL THE TIME.

Now I have loaded my old aircraft (install like before and then move the contents of the aircraft file to the airplane folder in simobjects folder. It is the same file that contains rotorcraft, etc.)... looks something like simobjects in the main FSX folder, may have that a little off.

I have put all of Carenado and a bunch of other stuff over.

The Megascenery thing is a little tougher put it is not much harder. Inside the main program is the facility to add additional scenery ... you just got to get it there.

Please spread the word.... FSX works.... just let go of the old stuff .... I think they interact in some way..... I have a theory that not having 2004 in the folder is more important than the Vista part because when I tried it the first time with everything going it was actually slower....

I was originally really POed originally after having built a computer just for the new FSX that was coming....

The folks that gave up early .... will wish the had not.


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A framerate of over 60 frames per second with graph settings at the max?
That sounds too good to be true.

Care to share your system specs?

Reading your message I see a few possible explanations:
1) Your XP installation was old and badly in need of a reinstall.
(You'd still have to have pretty good hardware if you now have a frame rate of 60 with graphs maxed out.)
2) Vista handles some calls more efficient.
(Could be that the software has been developed for Vista and they do some stuff in a highly inefficient way to get it to run on XP. It would help MS sell more Vista copies.)
3) There is some interference with FS2004.
(Maybe some FS2004 DLL is in system and not replaced by FSX with a better one. Possible, but the least likely cause).
4) You're just having fun poking the angry old virtual pilots that can't afford new hardware because they spend all their money on cockpits and FS2004 add ons. Twisted Evil

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katarinaconnors wrote:

Really.... If you don't believe me come see for yourself.

Oh you little teaser. I'll be the one with a frangipani behind my ear, a pocket full of empty and a heart full of hope 😀

You've made my day... and no, I'm not being sarcastic.

PS: I'm not sure whether I misunderstood you, but having both - FS9 and FSX installed at the same time, really shouldn't have a detrimental performance effect on either Sim. After all, you're only running one at a time.

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I wonder how many stupid people uninstalled FS9 because they believed the original poster? What a load of Horse

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CrashGordon wrote:

I wonder how many stupid people uninstalled FS9 because they believed the original poster? What a load of Horse

Yes Yes Yes

I'm also curious for system specs. ❓
Probably if this system runs smooth FSX, un-installation OF FS9 was un-necessary Dont Know

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