Can my PC run Flight Simulator X?

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Hello 🙂

My system specs are:
Windows XP
1Ghz Pentium 3 Pro
128MB of Ram
Intel extreme Graphics

It does struggle with the 2002 edition, but I'm hoping the FSX edition is improved and will work on my system.

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For christ sakes!

Seriosly?! there is a big topic right at the top of this very page about this...

At least search or use your eyes!

And to answer your question, NO If your system struggles to run FS 2002 why on earth would you think it would run FSX?

Common sense is your best bet here before asking that kinda question.

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Sorry, but I am a novice at computers 🙂

I was always under the impression that Intels Extreme graphics are the best avaliable.

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

You can have the best graphics card going, but if you havn't got the processor and RAM to actually run the program using the graphics, it is as good as a piece of plastic I'm afraid...

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Thanks for the quick reply mattdean 🙂

I was really hoping that Microsoft would have made it playable for older systems. I feel so let down by Microsoft 😞

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

Unfortunately for older gamers, FSX has been designed for higher spec systems currently running Windows XP.

It was primarily designed for Windows Vista and Direct X 10 when they are realeased next year, so at the moment, 'perfect' gameplay isn't really 100% perfect on the highest spec systems at the moment.

Most people feel 'let down' by Microsoft, but you have to realise that technology evolves and the system you buy is quite literally out of date a month after you brought it! Annoying fact of life...

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