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I just bought FSX tonight, and turns out i need a dvd drive to install. went out and bought one. Its installed now.

When launching FSX i get this message:

"The drivers currently installed for your video card may cause your computer to stop responding when Flight Simulator is running.
VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP.0
Click Yes to search for new drivers, or NO to contimue."

When i click NO i get this:

"FS is not responding with your video card.
Verify that you have the latest drivers installed for your video card
FS will now exit."

When i click Yes, i just get some help page.

What is the problem here? FS9 worked great

Oh, im new to the site, hello everyone!

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oh, BTW, this is my system. A recomended site ways i am capable of running FSX with my current system.

Processor Intel Pentium 4 2128MHz
Display Card VIA/S3G KM400
Memory 1280MB
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
Free Disk Space 11.63GB
Display Card Memory 32MB
Display Driver Version
DirectX Version 9.0c
Optical Drive DVD
Sound Card Realtek AC97 Audio

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I'd have thought you needed a nvidia or ati graphics chipset to have any hope of running FSX

It does say 32mb on the minimum specs but i'd guess that would be with every single thing set to minimum

The specs also say directx 9 compatabile card and if I remember rightly, the VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP.0 was a directx 7 card

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so i need a new card as well?! *sigh*... just spent $50 on the game, and $80 for a dvd drive...

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Soon adds up doesn't it 😞

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My only offer of help, if can be considered as so, is that you should increase your memory… both in your video card (or buy a new one with a least 128MB) or expanded to 128 MB and for your computer. I would not try and work with less than 512MB RAM thus I recommend expanding it as well.

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You REALLY need a new computer. Those specs are going to get you nowhere!! People with top of the line systems are having problems so you would be lucky if you can even run the game with that hardware. I'd recommend you try to forget about FSX until February, and then buy a new Vista systems that can run DX10. I am planning to that because its impractical to go out and spend all this money of new technologies when in a few months it will no longer seem very cinniing-edge.

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just bought G-Force FX 5500 and a DVD drive. I have 1.2GB of RAM, so i figured id be good there. I just played FSX for the first time, i turned all the textures up to max and it worked flawlessly!
My computer is better than i thought....now i just need a new monitor!

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