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How do I load a saved game? I have a saved game but I don't know how to load it.

Also, I'm sort of stuck in the gliding mission, at the part I need to enter the second gate, where you have to glide along side the mountain, but I don't understand what the narrator means by saying moving back and forth along the mountain

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you move parallel to the mountain, which is basically back and forth

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To load a saved game you can go to main menu, above the 3d picture of the aircraft are 5 tabs Fuel & payload, Load , Save, Flight planner, Failures.. Click on the Load Tab, It will shaw you a list of your saved flights.

If you save a flight in 1 of the misssions , select missions first and tick the box where it says Show saved missions, all the save missions will be highlighted in blue.

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If you have saved a mission using the semicolon ; you can find them by going to your missions catagory. Look for the little checkbox that says Show saved Missions. Click on it. They will appear in blue.

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