How do you (save and) load a fully saved flight please ????

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Can anyone tell me how to load up a fully saved flight from FS2004 ? I don't mean saving and loading a FLIGHT PLAN, I mean a full flight... I don't know if this is possible but surely it is ! I was flying a long-haul flight and clicked 'Alt' to get the top menu, then selected 'save flight' ... I thought all was well, until the next day when I realised there was no-one to 'LOAD' my saved flight... ? I loaded up the Flight Plan but it started from the Departing Airport - so I was basically starting the flight again from scratch !

Any help on being able to retrieve a certain point (+ all factors) within a flight will be greatly appreciated !!

Thanks, David R, Rookie

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I'm at work.......I mean eating lunch Embarassed So I don't have it in front of me, but I believe if you go to "Create a Flight" from the main menu Read , around the middle/left of the page there is a button to click that takes you to a page where you can save or load a previous flight.
Good luck!

Oops, here comes my boss

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Cheers Mike, appreciate that pointer... It seems like such a basic point, loading up a flight but I struggled last night ! I want to take some long-haul flights, on VOR to VOR navigation over a few nights but at this rate I'll need to start all over agian from Heathrow everynight, and never get further than Paris !

Well if I can find this option now, you'll have made one rookie English Flight Sim Pilot very happy!

Thanks for your help, and hope you don't get in trouble at work !

David R

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Hello David R

jelami is right
Another way is to create your flight,say starting at the gate at Newcastle
Load it up so that the aircraft is at the gate and press Alt on your keyboard,now click Ermm... flights (top left) and save flight.Give it a name and save,now you can load it anytime in the future.

Also if you wanted, before saving the flight, you could shut down the engine/s. Now when you load it,it will be a cold cockpit ie all switched off and ready for you to go through the check lists before start up

Hope it helps

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jelami First Officer

OK, from the main menu, go to "Select a flight" your saved flight should be there.


If you happen to be on "Create a Flight", the page where you choose the plane, weather, airport etc. select "Flight Planner", and you can load flight plans you may have saved, and it will move you to that airport.

sorry if I mislead you earlier,

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks guys it's the guest here that asked the question on loading a saved flight (except I'm now a Bona Fide member not a guest!)..

Thanks for the replies - Mike you were right first time - what put me off is that there is no "Load" button..... you go to Create a Flight then you selelct the "MY SAVED FLIGHTS" folder - voila!! There is my saved flight to Madrid.....

So terrific pointer Mike and made my day.

This is a cool forum, I've read the other forum pages and people are genuinely helpful, especially to rookie's like me who ask the occasional nuggetine question!

Regards to you all!

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jelami First Officer

Welcome aboard

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