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Today I encounted a clitch after saving a free flight In the save screen, I'd checked this flight to save as default startup. Then closed FSX

Later in the day I started FSX, expecting to immediately load the saved flight (my FSX is configured to skip the opening). An earlier saved flight was loaded, then when taxing the screen blinked and FSX and winXp crashed. winXp restarted back to desktop, FSX wasn't running.

Eventually I got FSX running, escaped out to the opening screen and went into Free flight \ Load where I previewed each saved flight by clicking on the file name.

Only one (1) saved flight DID NOT have a screenshot created at the time I'd saved the flight. That save had the FSX box art!

I deleted that flight, It was the flight saved earlier. Checked a different flight as default, closed out of FSX, then opened FSX again. Game played normally.

Sooo, 2 conclusions.

If you save flights and FSX begins blinking and crashing, even restarting winXp. The problem might be a bad saved flight. Go preview your saved flights, look for the one without a screenshot in the window.

If you skip the opening screen and start FSX with the default saved flight, you might find it difficult to recover to the opening if that last saved flight is causing problems!!!

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