scenery.cfg error after install!

MeTzeL Guest

I´ve installed the fsx successfull. But if I want to start the game, this error!!!:

FSX cannot run without a valid scenery.cfg. Plz reinstall fsx.

reinstall doesnt work, same error!!!
what can i do?

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Concorde105 First Officer

Darn.... Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Too bad....

MeTzeL Guest

sry this doesnt help me-.-

MeTzeL Guest

No one can help me? Embarassed

guest Guest

i got the same problem! can someone help please!


Same problem here... so sorry to have spent money on this crap

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Try this.

Copy the scenery.cfg file to this location:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and then restart the Sim.

If that doesn't work then uninstall the Sim with

Then reinstall it.


Stranger1911 Guest

go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ and delete FSX folder .. that's all

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