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I'm a little bit new to Flight Simulator, and in working on some of the tips from the recent edition of Computer Pilot have generated a scenery.cfg error that reads,

"SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Addon Scenery\SCENERY) in scenery Area.115 not found. Click OK to continue."

I haven't found anything that doesn't work yet, but would like to rid myself of this annoyance. Can anyone look in their SCENERY.CFG file and advise on what the text should read.


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Here it is:

Title=Addon Scenery
Local=Addon Scenery

BTW, it's the last entry in the .cfg. Mine should still be original as I haven't made any changes to the scenery yet. I'd be curious to know in which way yours differs atm.
If this doesn't fix it and you need the lot, let me know and I'll upload it for you.

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My entry for [Area.115] is exactly the same is also the last item in the scenery.cfg file.

The only thing I did is in an attempt to implement some of the tips in the January edition of Computer Pilot I noted that the scenery.cfg file was not in the same location as they indicated, and I copied it over to the FSX directory. I've now deleted that copy, but the error message remains. I wonder if some other portion of the program tagged the new location?

By the way, I have now joined FlyAwaySimulation, username Reinaert. As soon as I clear the entry process, I'll begin using that name.

Thanks so much for your reply.

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Guest wrote:

.. I noted that the scenery.cfg file was not in the same location as they indicated, and I copied it over to the FSX directory.

Hi Reinaert,

Well, that's precisely where my scenery.cfg is: In the FSX main directory. I don't get the error so logic dictates that this is indeed the correct location.

Umm... Try putting it back there and get rid of the other one, wherever it is.
How is your 'entry process' coming along?

Good luck 😀

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Thanks for asking, good to date.

I'm working through the lessons, and am having trouble with the instrument checkride, just like everyone else. I've found some infromation on that, so I'm practicing away.

In the meantime I'm moving forward with the Commercial Pilot lessons, doing web research and so on.

I'm amazed at the amount of information out there. Just found VATSIM today.

I'll try as you suggested on the scenery.cfg file, and see what comes of it. It doesn't appear to represent any impediment to flying (unless it makes the checkride lady a little more cranky 😀

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Out of all the lovely ladies that populate this great planet of ours you have to get hung up on the 'Checkride Lady'??
There are ways of avoiding her you know... but that's probably so classified that even a reference to it would start a flaming war.

Anyway, nice to have you on board 🍻

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Reinaert Trainee

And I have one of those great ladies sitting on the couch reading the newspaper while I indulge myself on FSX every evening, but not till too late 😉

She just laughs and when I put the headphones on so I don't disturb her TV programs, she starts calling me Captain'd I get so lucky ❓

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What a life 👏

I think I speak for most of us: POST A PICTURE Captain Lee! 😀

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