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How do u open cargo doors on your plane???

flyboy X 12284 Guest

For the longest time ive been trying to open all the cargo doors on the airliners but i just cant find the key.... Can anyone please tell me what the key is?

Pro Member Chief Captain
liam (Liono) Chief Captain

i think it depends on if it is designed to i know that you can open the doors by shift-e and 1/2/3/4 but i am not sure if it works for cargo doors

Alex The Guest Guest

You know i try that while pressing shft+E and number but it only opens up the panels

Pro Member Trainee
Craig (Sno0ze) Trainee

What ya do is press Shift + E but then let go of the Shift + E THEN press a button and it will open the doors. Note: Shift + E without a number opens the main door, the rest are cargo and emergency.

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