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ATC HELP Pleaseeee help me with Freqency control.. :(


ok, heres the thing i can't get my mind off.
Im kind of new to the ATC role in airports, most favoured-- TNCM intl.
I work as Tower, while i have another person help me with approach, the thing that i want to know is..if a third**** person joins Tower, he cant be able to talk the pilots, and keeps telling me to change frequency.. i soo want him to be in the tower as well .. but i dont know where* or how*** to change freqency of Tower, so that the third person can be able to use ATC..
i hope some1 understands 😞 i need help in ATC.. just don't know where to go and what to do....plzz sum1 help.. how you change freqency so third person in tower can work also...
Now i hope this will help, im not sure but: Princess Juliana airport Tower Freq is: 118.70 and Approach is 128.30.
How third guy be able to play??? and how do i change when im in game so he can be able to work communications too?

P.S. ShawnMiller- ATC Tower at TNCM Intl. Maybe i see you there 🙂

For now justneed help with frequency control here.. thanks

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