glider and 737 won't take off


I'm really new at this - just got it for christmas. Why can't I get the glider and the Boeing planes to take off?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Go into the slew mode for the gliders, as for the others take a few lessons first then you should have a good idea.
Start with a small prop, don't jump right into airliners.


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Yeah radar man is verymuch right..Don't jump into big jets..Fly the propellers..Otherwise you will get frustrated and jets would not be a great way to learn about flying...Fly Cessna 172 SP...and just don't go and fly directly..Take the Flying lessons from the Select Lessons....


Thanks for the help. What's slew mode? I can't find that anywhere.

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pilatflyr First Officer

all you've gotta do is press y.

that's when you can go to pretty much any point in the world just by moving your joystick. That's how you can do some of this stuff

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