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I am a glider pilot with approx 300 glider flights. I can not seem to master
the glider flight in tutorial 7 of fsx. As soon as the glider gets to the point
where i retract the gear the glider gets out af control and I mget a rope
break. I have never had a rope break or disconect in actual flight.
Is there a problem with the sim., my joy stick,(saitek st290) or me.
help please. Harp

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I had a problem with that tutorial the first time too. It is not the mission, it was me. You need to make very suttle moves on the stick. Play with your sensetivity settings. You need to stay directly behind the tow plane. Can't make any abrupt moves or it will break the rope. Try staying just a tad higher than the tow plane. That seems to help with control. Good luck

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