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Is anyone using any voice recognition add-ons?

I downloaded this, but not sure if I want to take the time to add it.

I just figured out how to add icons to my existing panel so that I can open up all my extra crap that I added.

I put on pushback (must have)

and Flight Deck SFX (cool shareware, and it even plays muzak while you are boarding/preflighting aircraft...Strangers in the Night, exchanging glances...) Embarassed

Sorry got carried away with Sinatra there.

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jelami First Officer

I use shoot, and I like it.
I was only intested in radio commands, a few things that I still used my keyboard for, and I wanted a simplified file. So I did have to download an editor to create my own command file. The default file had a command for everything in FS9, and I found it confusing.

Good luck

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These are the two speech recognition programs that I know of. I haven't had the chance to use either.
If anyone else has please let us know if they work well.


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