nooooo one airport is missing in fsx

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I have the standard version and megies is not there I fly to the city in chicago and look at a strip of land where this coll little airport should be but its not is this a glitch that happened im my insalation???

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Problem is caused by the fact that FSX is based on the real world.
Although the airport is still there in Google earth.

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Meigs airport does not exist any longer. It is included within flight simulator 9 for nostalgic reasons, it has been the default airport for many years. I wish they would have kept it in FSX for the same reason but I guess they choose not to. On 30 March 03, the Mayor closed the airport in an unannounced midnight raid that cut deep X marks into the runway. The tower personnel as well as the aircraft that were based there were caught by surprise. The city wants the valuable water front property for expensive condominiums. The city of Chicago was fined by the FAA but a great airport was still lost. Crying or Very sad

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omg I never knew that it was really gone Crying or Very sad

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