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Can someone tell me what I did or what I am missing here please... 😕 I reinstalled FS2004 and for some reason there are some graphics missing. Shocked

Im sure they are very easily replaceable as they are mostly basic ones.. Maybe I have a setting wrong? Embarassed

By the way.. Its cardiff wales airport

Thanx in advance 😎

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At a guess I'd say you need the latest video card drivers.
Unfortunately now most of the newer software demands more and more from our video cards and they have to be up to date.
Older or cards with "corrupt" drivers can cause a multitude of problems.

Put all of your in-game settings at low and see how it looks, you can move them up slowly.

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Thank you for your reply.. however I do have the latest driver for my Leadtek 128MB GeForce 4800Ti SE and it worked fine before when every setting was turned on.

Cheers anyway RadarMan


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You have to delete the Cardiff scenery from fs9 in the add/remove screen
then reinstall it (check in Winzip and you should have the original file)
I had the same happen but don't know why because its not intergrated into the fs program.....however it worked for me

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Im starting to get confused.. lol

I moved files from one place to another and back and re-installed the game and yet it still does not show properly. 😕

Any chance of you giving me a link to download your folder from a web site please tomthetank? 😉



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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Greetings Ricco

Here's the link for JHW Scenery

Cardiff is down at the bottom

Hope it helps you sort it out


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ricco Trainee

Well all I have to say is...


well done Tomthetank 😉

you da man 😂

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 😀 I take it that all is well at Cardiff 😀 😀

Congrats and glad to help

Happy landings

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