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Just thought i would make people aware of this tool. It is free to download and free to register. Upon registering you recieve 6 Free Credits which will allow you to make 3 downloads. I downloaded charts for Edinburgh (EGPH) and the number of charts i got was extensive.

It is worth downloading just to get charts for 2-3 airports. Charts cover, all procedures for the aiport, ground layouts, ILS approach charts, NDB approach charts, Full SIDs and STARs, APSI parking charts, Engine failure procedure charts for each runway, and General+Arrival+Departue Notes for the airport.

I presume that after the credits run out you will have to purchase more credits to download more charts.[/url]

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Hi Tartan,

That's really cases where free charts can't be found, perhaps this tool could offer a way out.
Any chance you could show us (or tell something about) the quality of the charts?
UK AIP is generally of top quality, but I personally find the Spanish AIP for example much harder to read (sometimes it's not even in english), not to mention charts from say Brazil, Argentina etc.

And do you pay per chart, or per airport package or..?


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I will try to get a screenshot up today. Each download is a charts package for an aiport.

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Thanks - but don't worry - already purchased it.
First set of charts was very detailed and clear, but unfortunately the textual data was missing (which was what I was looking for most).

Anyway - looks very promising, thanks again for the tip.

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