What happens if you crash in multiplayer?

Zaxol Guest

If you crash in multiplayer do you start all over again?

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guest 12 Guest

yes its like normal, you restart at your last save point or last airport you were at.

Zaxol Guest

Thats what I mean since you can't save if you crash you start at your starting point again? Please explain.

guest 12 Guest

yep you start off at the airport you chose when you started the session. i may be wrong so why dont u experiment and crash and see what happens

anonymouse91 Guest

I think that the host of the session sets up crash detection and that choice over-rides whatever is in your settings. If crash detection is on for the session, you get sent back to the briefing screen (the one where it lists all players). This happened to me today when my 787's gears got stuck and had to make a belly landing.

flightsimx Guest

when i try to log on at gamespy.com it says "error can not log in". then i try later on and it says "ok" i pick a server and then when the game is fully loaded it says "you have lost connection"????


Thanks flightsimx [/list]

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