cannot connect to multiplayer

crosscheck9 Guest

hi, i have a problem. everytime i try to connect to multiplayer, the sim freezes. it doesnt crash. it just stays there, not responding to anything. here are my specs. if you need anymore just ask. i dont know what info is necessary to solve such a problem. thanks

amd athlon 64 processor
1.79 GHz, 512 MB of Ram

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crosscheck9 Guest

sorry, i know it seems weird responding to my own message, but just one more question, could the multiplayer be affected by the number of add-ons i have, or is that a totally different issue. thanks

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It has nothing to do with the number of add ons that you have.
Try going into settings in the sim and lower the sound.
Make sure your computer is clean (inside the case). Dirty fans can cause big problems.


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