Multiplayer crashes after a few minutes of gameplay...

Cheesemadjimbob Guest

Good evening all,

After installing service pack one and going, for a few minutes on my own multiplayer server the whole of FSX 'crashes'. It freezes with a loading mouse. This doesnt happen when I'm not playing multiplayer. Does anyone have any soloutions?


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Todd (ohboy710) Trainee

same problem with me. The multiplayer crashes all the time with me, but just regular flight works just fine. Sometimes it crashes on the initial loading, and sometimes just random during mutiplayer.

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cwaterwo Trainee

Me Too!!!

After a couple of minutes of flight the computer crashes. A brief blue screen with an error, Lack Of Physical Memory".

I'm running 2GB of RAM, and a MSI6600GT PCI-E 128M Video Card.

I've just started multiplayer after years of simming and love it, please someone provide your thoughts on a resolution.



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bar10dah Trainee

Mine crashes too. But, only for freeflight. I've never done a multiplayer game. It never crashed before SP1.

Radeon Mobility 1400 video card.

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shylock (scottyboy39) Trainee

mine too right in the middle of blue angels practice

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