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Now that I am in Alaska touring around, I have chosen the Tri-motor. RadarMan, I think you may like this plane. It is fun. It is about the only aircraft that I soley fly in VC. It is good for this. I added the autopilot and ADF/VOR from the DC-3. The comliment is nice. I NEVER use the GPS.

I loaded up 4 campers, 300 pounds of fuel and headed for AQY. (All of you HAVE to attempt this approach!!!) I crashed. I got out, but the campers,,,,, DOH!!!!! I have massive crash installed in FS9 so the crash was firey and spectacular.

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It's a great little craft to fly, very easy and you can get in and out quickly. A great STOL aircraft.


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It really is you know? I really like it. When I fly away to another place, I have it loaded in the 457-1 (747-200) and take it with me. Next, I am Flying to Germany.

Seriously, I found an enhancement pak for the tri. I'll get it on.

I save the game where I, when starting the sim, am standing outside the aircraft. This way, I can walk around it and then go into the,,, through the door, walk up into the cokpit and,,, CLEAR!!!!!

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