Fuel Truck Glitch & How to add Fuel Trucks to an airport


Hi fellow simmers.

Every airport i fly too and request a fuel truck when parked up correctly at the relevant gate or parking (boeing 737), the fuel truck starts to arrive, but then just as its almost at my gate, it slows down and stops, waits afew mins, moves alittle then stops, waits afew mins then moves alittle again, until eventually it arrives at my plane. Bit annoying waiting for the fuel truck when its a stone throw away.

Not sure whats happening here. Tried the game on two different computers and still have the same problem. (My version is Deluxe).

Second question, is there a tutorial or a guide on how to add a fuel truck to an airport that doesn't have one. Bascially Blackpool airport in the UK is an International Airport but when arriving at requesting fuel it states there is no fuel truck at this airport. But really there should be. Think this is a bug or something. Boeing 737's fly from Blackpool everyday. I know i can click fuel and payload to refuel but it just takes that realism away.

Really appreciate your help on the above. Thanks


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Hidy Ho 😀

Well I haven't really used a fuel truck before but I do recall one time. It worked ok for me, never slowed down or anything really. What it could have been, is your plane was maybe blocking it's scripted route slightly, that could have slowed it down. As for the second question sorry m8 I don't know. I'm sure RadarMan or CRJ Capt can give you an answer on that. 😉




Hi Sno0ze

I thought that the plane maybe obscuring its route slightly but i've tried it in several positions and it does the same.

I will however confess i am using a little script that starts each Free Flight as a Cold Start. I.e when you first get into the cockpit the lights are off, the computers are off, engines are off, its dark and theres only fuel in the centre tank. You must switch them all on. Adds to the realism. Maybe this has something to do with the fuel truck.


I did try this, i called the fuel truck and when it got close it stopped, creeped up alittle, then stopped again etc etc. But this time i turned my engines on and it came straight to me in afew seconds. Only tried this once so not sure if its the solution to my problem. Seems odd i need to start my engines for a refuel.

Again any help to add a fuel truck to an airport with no fuel truck. thanks.


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My radio doesn't work till I get the engine running.

In a cub, the radio is a hand held!

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Well when the fuel truck arrives it takes you straight to the fuel and payload screen.

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