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Does anybody know if there is an online log of incidents that happen with aircraft?
I live on the ILS approach path to EGGP and I saw a a/c lower than usual and what looked like smoke coming out of one of the port side engines.
I see planes everyday flying over my house but i've never seen one like this before.

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The aviation authority (within the respective country) should have a web site with statistics available. If you are that close to the approach path and the airport, a radio receiver would certainly add to your enjoyment and knowledge of what's going on 😎

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Yeah I keep meaning to get one but I never get around to it.

I am about 7 miles away to the north of the runway so I assume I should be able to get pretty good comms.

We have had a couple of emergencies lately, one was someone that was running low on fuel, I can't remember what the other one was but was slightly more serious. Both landed safely!!

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