looking for freeware 707 with virtual cockpit


I'm looking for a freeware 707 with virtual cockpit. Can somebody help me find one?

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Try here ➡

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Welshflyer Captain

Or you may want to try here, the aircraft, panels and sounds are seperate downloads though!

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For freeware 707s Welshflyer's link is the best source. Panels and soundsets can be downloaded separately from the same site. However none of the a/c include a VC and to my knowledge you won't find a freeware 707 with VC anywhere else.

If you insist on a VC, you might have to invest in the CaptainSim Legendary 707, IMO though it's not worth the money. Most times I fly the 707, I fly John Travolta's private Qantas ship -- nice textures 😉

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