Freeware 767 with virtual cockpit?


Do any of you know of a good freeware 767 or 757 with a virtual cockpit? Project Opensky was developing a virtual cockpit for their 767, but recently on their fourm they said that the project was dead. From the screenshots it looked amazing,payware quality! I would have to compare it to the Level D 767 cockpit. I hope that the project soon gets up and running again.

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All these have a VC, check through them and see what you like.



Thanks RadarMan,
I could not find a 767 with a virtual cockpit. But I found the following at Avsim, would it be able to incorporate into the Project Opensky 767 so that a virtual cockpit appears? Search for it as Avsim under the name (Boeing 767 LEVEL D replacement virtual cockpit textures) the file name is

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