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I downloaded the Cessna 185 for the Flight Simulator X but I do not know how to install it in the program. Can anyone assist me?

Thank you

Gerry Mazzei

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Make new folder under my comp - local disc c - programfiles - microsoft games - fsx - simobjects - aircraft and then get the cessna folder and copy that aircraft folder into the new one you just made and same with gauges etc.

Please correct me if I am wrong I just bought the game so I might be wrong.

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I tried copying the file as you suggested into the new folder under aircraft in the Simulator X prgram file however when I start up the simulator the aircraft does not apprear with the list of available airplanes. Maybe there is another way you have to access it to run it but I don't know how to do that. I really appreciate your assistance as I am pretty uninformed when it comes to computer programs.

Thanks again


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Ignore my last e-mail. What I did wrong was to create a Cessna 185 folder and then copy the whole Cessna 185 folder that I ahd down loaded instead of just copying over it's contents. So what happened is that I created a Cessan 185 folder then inside that folder was the Cessna 185 folder I had down loaded and then inside that was the files. I had one too many folders. The best thing I guess would be to creat the folder in FSX forst and download and unzip directly to that file. This is sure a learn as you go process. I am very thankful for your assistance as I hads no idea what folder to use to get it to work so thanks again.


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