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Just want to see what other people on here are running FSX on in terms of machine power.

I have an AMD 5200 2.6GHZ processor, the Nvidia 8800GTX 768MB graphics card and 2 gig of ram. With all this, FSX still gets blocky at times so I'm wacking my computer up to 4 gig of ram to see how that helps. It improved dramatically when I went from 1 gig to 2 gigs so to double it again to the maximum of 4 gig should help.

It's a joke what Microsoft say are the minimum system requirements needed to run FSX. I quote off the box....... windows xp sp2 - 256MB, windows vista 512mb, 1 GHZ processor, 15GB hard drive, DX9, directx 9 compatible graphics card with 32mb ram and support for hardware transformation and lighting.

Ok, well considering you need 1 - 2 gig of ram just to run vista how can they recommend 512mb to run a game that's struggling on a pc with 4 times that memory.

Yeah, great specs if you want nothing more than a glorified photo shoot! I'd be interested on your perceptions of these recommended specifications because I think they're a joke!!

What about the rest of you, what do you think?


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bawls327 Captain

I got like this 1999 business computer you know like 1 gig of ram and yet fsx still works fine with me. Havent really updated thing except video card. And do you recomend the 8800gtx?

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

You don't need 4 gigs of memory. I run FSX fine with this:

AMD athalon 64 X@ 3800+ 2.0ghz
1gig memory
250gig hard drive
NVidia GEforce 6100 256mb

I purchased It for $549 after rebate

You have a prettypowerful system and that is not your problem. If you can't find another problem, just turn the grphics down a little. You should get a very good performance from that PC.

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oldsamer First Officer

FSX can humble ANY computer! It depends on how much of FSX you put on.

I presently play FSX on winXpHome with the nVida 8800 GTX driven by a 3ghz intel pent D on intel P965express reference motherboard with 2 gb of 800mhz DDR2.

With 60% traffic (air and ground AI objects) and dense generic objects, 30% special objects, max filtering, FSX gets chuggy only when banking a tight turn low over a town. I've got maybe 50% of FSX put on!

About to install a 2.4ghz intel Core 2 Duo (doubles benchmark framerate over pent D) and another 2gb of DDR2, Maybe I can get FSX up the 60%-75% of it's capability!

Ya, FSX at fullbore is more than any computer can run smoothly. But you can throttle FSX back to play smoothy on the minimum system. requirement.

robson131 Guest

Hey all, Your all forgetting about one very important thing, The directx 10 patch should be making a VERY big difference indeed, I will be very surpirsed if it doesnt. Directx 10 in general is utilised to improve system performance and increase those graphics to an even better look. FSX is currently only a DX9 game, its truely meant for dx10, I recommened obvously fast cpu ie e6600 intel 2gb memory but MAINLY dx10 nvidia 8800gtx/s

Hope this helps but that patch will make a difference


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