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CFS3 not loading

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mustangpilot First Officer

After installing CFS3 it ran but after a re boot it won't start. I get the flash screen for 2 secs and then nowt. Any ideas?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I don't know if your version already includes the updates or whether the updates will fix this problem.

I only ever had Update v3.1 installed without encountering a problem. Anyway, it won't hurt to read through this page Arrow

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mustangpilot First Officer

THANK YOU!!!! That's 2 I owe you now!! Very Happy

It's all so simple when you get shown the way!! I don't know how I missed it When I looked.

You're a star!


=( I have a close to the same problem, but the only thing is, the 3.1 didnt fix mine, and nether did anything else iv tryed, clean boot, defrag, reinstalls, nothing.... nothing! AHHH!

cowlover Guest

Confused did you run cfs3 config. first???????

directX9c Guest

is direct-X up to date?

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