CFS3 setup with Freetrack

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I can't seen to get CFS3 3.1 to work with FREETRACK 1.2 even thought is runs with IL2 with no issues. I have also tried both TIR_ATTACK 1.6 and later 1.7 running with FREETRACK and CFS3 as someone has suggested. Still nothing happens.

Has anyone else had issues with FREETRACK and CFS3?

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

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It's still an issue!

I still can't seem to get FREETRACK 2.1 - TIRATTACK 1.6 - CFS3 3.1 to work together? Freetrack does work fine in IL2.

I did as you suggested and I did go thought the steps from the link you suggested. However I'm still unable to get FreeTrack-TirAttack-CFS3(OFF) to work together?

If you would check out this link I have a screen shot of the Issues I'm seeing within TIRATTACK? If thats my problem? I'm not sure?

Thank you one and all for your help!

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This is the first that I've heard of it also so the best I can do is search.
I can't check that jpg without being signed-in to that site.

Did you contact freetrack.


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