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I bought a Microsoft FSX and do not have the product key, can someone help me by telling where i can find a key?

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mr_pain29 wrote:

I bought a Microsoft FSX and do not have the product key, can someone help me by telling where i can find a key?

Open the little envelope that contains the 2 CDs. Inside is attached a sticker with the product key on it.

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this topic shouldn't be in this forum Nope

just next time, put it in the flight simulator X forum. 😉

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How can you legitimately buy FS (X or 9) and not have the product key?

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yea dude if you downloaded it off a torrent dont think were stupid and ask us for a product key espically since we all have the game an know that the key comes with it.

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Check the date this was posted Gents!!!!!!!!

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Oh yeah. I just noticed that someone went on a bumping spree 😂



Need the produt key .......

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I understand the frustration of not having a product key for your copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). It's essential to have the product key for activation to enjoy the complete functionality of the simulator. I'll try my best to guide you in the right direction.

First and foremost, if you have purchased a physical copy of FSX, the product key should be located either on a sticker attached to the CD/DVD sleeve or on a card that was included inside the package. Carefully inspect the packaging to ensure you haven't missed it.

In case you purchased a digital copy of the simulator, the product key should have been sent to you via email. It's worth checking your inbox (including spam and promotions folders) for any emails from the vendor that may contain the key. You might also find it in the account section of the website where you bought the game.

If you still can't find the product key, I would recommend reaching out to the vendor or retailer where you purchased FSX. They might be able to help you retrieve the key or provide you with a replacement if necessary. Keep in mind that sharing or requesting product keys from others is against the software's Terms of Service (ToS) and can lead to potential legal issues.

I hope this information helps you resolve the issue with your FSX product key. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything related to flight simulation, feel free to ask. We're always here to help fellow simmers!

Happy flying!

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