What can i do? I've lost my product key.


Sorry for my worst English

Hello people,

I lost my product key for FSX Gold Edition. Do anybody know what i can do for a new product key?

Greetzzz Guest.

Don't say that i must buy the game in a shop because i already have the CD for it. DISC 1,2 & Acceleration Expansion Pack.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Ask here, they will tell you who to contact for a new key.


BlackHawkDown Guest

The Obvious thing to do would be to contact microsoft and ask them. But I do know a way in which you can by-pass the need to enter your product key. I've done it on mine as I had the same problem as you.

Download this:

Extract the files into your FSX Folder, probably C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight simulator X/

Done, Restart FSX And Your Done.

skype me if you need help.


TheAwesomeMagnus (Magnus) Guest

Thank you for the link! I also lost my key so I searced on google what I was going to do! But yeah. Thanks! 🙂

RP-C8805 Guest

wow been looking for this one also great help

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bushranger51 Trainee

Thanks for the tip. I had to re-load FSX tonight, and couldn't find the bloody product key. Took your advice and downloaded this link and must say works a treat. The other posts didn't work, and as for asking Microsoft, forget it!

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