I need a commuter TP. What is a good one?

Elkin Guest

I need a good commuter turboprop. I have to get into the smaller places and the 727 and the tu-114 just are not cutting it.

Can someone recommend a good TP? A freeware plane with good exterior, good sounds, panel and such? I would like a 2D interior too! Hope it is not a tall order, but before I spend ages trawling through the forums, I would like some input.

(I saw in another forum where someone said 'Trawling..' I used it from him. I thought it was a great line!!!)

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

If you dont find it there

Look for a "Beechcraft 1900D"

If not there, i can send one to you from MSN messenger

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RadarMan Chief Captain

After I read what FEM said I looked at it, a beauty!


Elkin Guest

Thank you both!!!! I did find a AN-24 that is a complete package like the TU-114. It is great!!!! VC that is very good. A complete interior, sound and,,, it is a good one. Flys well!!

For all you that like the old TP's, Russian etc., this is it!!!

Thanks! I am going for the 1900's!!

Watch out for those cumulogranite.

Yes, Fire_Emblem_Man, can you send it to me?!!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Ok. You're already on my yahoo list, i'll talk to you when you get on there and then send it

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Right on Brother!

Squawk proplinercaptain and you are cleared into bravo airspace

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