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I goofed yesterday and not sure how to repair...

I went into the settings - controls - and played around a bit - as MS suggests - trying to tweek a few things to get better performance out of the program until I upgrade the video card. Well, somehow the throttle now will not work very well. I only have use of about 10% of the control. It is very touchy as prior I had full use and could control engine speed easily. Now even trying to slow a plane down to land It won't slow to a controlled stall. I've already tried to reset back to default but that won't work either. Then I thought I would uninstall and reinstall the program, but don't know how to uninstall either.

Can someone smarter than I please help??

Thanks! Tim

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Get to it through the start menu, then there should be an uninstall.

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I didn't see you mention that you have a joy stick so I will attempt through that means. If it is a joy stick you are talking about just go to the calibration through either the joy stick interface or through FSX. You should be fine. I still have alittle problem with the throttles staying too high for an idle to be 40% in a CRJ700 seems a littl high to me even whe I disengage the A/T. But when I still have A/T engaged it seems to work well.

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