Nvidia settings vs fsx settings?

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So I am sitting here messing with the settings after absorbing everything I learned. I see that the FSX AntiAliasing feature really improves the quality and the Card does nothing. It's quite weird to that when I go into the cards settings, the radio button for custom settings is not filled. I reviewed this by having the Free Flight screen up with the Ultra light up. Can see a big difference with the FSX Setting of Anti Aliasing on. No difference with Nvidia. Is it even working. I can't set the FSX Anti Aliasing on because the FPS is terrible. I wonder what to do know?

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Somewhere in the nVida controls is a radio to "let application determine settings".

That's what's happening, FSX settings are configuring the vid card.

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In the control panel, there are three choices or radio buttons.
One with a slider, one with go to custom settings [this is the one I select] and the top one which is let system decide or something like that.

Now, everytime I go into this feature, nothing is selected, they are all blank. If I choose make my own custom settings shouldn't the radio button stay selected everytime I go in it?.
Even the sample preview goes back to it's original, black state. It's not even green until I make my own settings.

Is there a globa lsetting button somewhere?

What am I doing wrong?
There is no phone number for Nvidia.

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