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Ive seen and produced a few videos for FSX, and in some of the videos I have seen, Ive noticed that sometimes you see someone getting an awesome angle on the ground at the end of the airport with the plane flying overhear just prior to touch down, or a stationary position on the ground as the plane taxi's by, etc....

Is there a program out there that is adding these camera locations? I know how to manipulate many of the default positions, however, cannot figure out how to position the stationary position on the ground... And no, Im not talking about Tower view, or Fly by...

Imagine that you are standing at a street right off the runway and you watch the aircraft fly in, directly over head, and watch it touch down.... I saw several videos with this... I want to recreate this view.

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.. like the way this video starts out...

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Active camera payware

Walk and follow payware

F1 View utility freeware

All above say FS9, I don't know if they work with FSX. I list them so that you will know about them so that you can watch them for updates.

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Excellent Sir! Good day!

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