Jetways in Boston V2: Do They Move?


I thought I saw something about the jetways in "Boston Logan International Airport Version 2" being able to move and attach to planes. Is this correct? Is there a command?


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From the Readme:

What’s new in V2?

Photoreal ground textures.
Improved layout of taxiways, aprons & taxiway markings.
New Runway, Taxiway & ramp textures.
Delta Airlines Terminal A with LED docking signs.
US Airways Concourse.
American Eagle ramp on south cargo ramp.
New Jetway models on all gates.
New Static vehicles.
Improved night lighting.
Improved cargo ramps.
New AFCAD file with airline, cargo & GA gate assignments.
& many more cosmetic improvements.


Right, I saw that. From the looks of the Readme, I would say the jetways don't move. However, it seems I've seen Boston V2 brought up before in discussions about moving jetways and the really look like they just might up close.

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If the jetways indeed move, the author of the scenery usually includes information regarding the operation.
I can't see anything to that effect in the documentation, so I guess the jetways are static.

Either way, it's a great scenery and is well worth the download. There's also an update available here.

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I've just been digging a bit more in my archives. In the case of the Ben Gurion scenery the NAV1 and NAV2 frequencies have to be dialled in.

Oliver Pabst's Bremen scenery uses a different approach - I'm taking the liberty of quoting the appropriate part from his Bremen Manual:

3.4 Jetways and Stairs
After the aircrafts arrive to their final position, the need -of course- Stairs and/or Tunnels. At positions 10-15, airplanes get no stairs because most of the little aircrafts have their own stairs.
At positions 01-05, the Tunnels and Stairs ar dynamic animated. They recognize the airplane’s type automatically, so long the aircraft is registered in the ACS Programm. (See Chapter 2). At position 06-08 the stairs at two doors are animated.


Thanks, Tailhook.

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mike93 Trainee

Does enybody have the manual for the boston logan airport?

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mike93 wrote:

Does enybody have the manual for the boston logan airport?

The Boston Logan scenery doesn't have a Manual as such because none is needed. Everything you need to know about is outlined in the README file which is inside the .zip file you've downloaded.

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