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I think i have found a bug with the aircraft lightning. This case 737 800 and 747 400 with standard in game aircraft. (haven't tried other aircraft yet).

1. Taxi lights dont work on the aircraft. Switching the switch in the aircraft does nothing. Is there a way to turn them on without having to put full landing lights on while taxing around in the dark? If not why have a button that toggles the taxi lights anyway.

2. Wingtip lights, they only come on when you use 'L' but to switch them on i have to flash the airport and turn all my lights on in my aircradt then press CTRL L to turn the landing lights off while at the gate. This is very annoying is there another key i can press to activate these lights? The reaslism is getting spoilt by this.

3. Why have a switch for the Logo light, but again it doesn't do anything and doesn't light up the tail on the aircraft.

Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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If you are doing something wrong, then so am I because I am having the same problem.


I've done further research and found that it wasn't implemented by Microsoft. Basically in the rush to release this game they forgot alot of things.

Hopefully they'll create an update in April.

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Microsoft for get something? Surely you jest 😂

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