How to dim the cockpit lights?

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I find FXS default aircraft are so much better than those in 2004,
totally comparable to these payware. But i dont understand why
the cockpit/panel lights are so dazzling in the night, and the much used
taxi lights are gone, you can only use landing lights.

so is there any way to dim the virtual cockpit lights? All I need is the panel lights...

any way to add taxi lights?


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The FSX default aircraft are crap compared to payware, you just provided 2 excellent reasons why. I agree completely, the default cockpit lights are a joke, they only modeled the dome light and didn't mess with any of the panel lighting. Good thing they didn't bother to add the glare you'd get on the windscreen, and resulting loss of visibility as well...

Only real solution is to get a payware airplane that has those features!

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